Certificants are "Informed by Science, Guided by Empathy, Governed by Ethics" TM

Working Towards Professionalizing The Pet Industry  By  Encouraging Pet Dog Trainers and Behavior Consultants to Demonstrate Competency! 

The Accreditation Board  offers the only Accredited Training Technician & Professional Canine Trainer certification for professionals who believe there is no place for shock, choke, prong, pain, force or fear in pet training and behavior practices. The Board also offers the only  psychometrically sound examination for Training & Behavior Consultants who also support these humane and scientific practices. Click here to get started today? If you already  carry a well earned credential? Click here and see how you can transfer your current credential it into the Accreditation Board. You may have less work than you think!

Competency is Mission Critical!

The Accreditation Board Set a High Standard. For each of our three credentialing levels competency is assessed through: Knowledge, Basic Training Skills, Creating a Positive Conditioned Emotional Response, Running Classes and for the Behavior Consultant we assess the ability to manage a behavior case. 

Certifications recognize individuals for meeting specific criteria of skills and knowledge. They are a way for practitioners to seek self-promotion and differentiate themselves from their competitive set. Certifying organizations set standards of competency and their certification programs are designed to use these predetermined competencies as benchmarks for pass or failure performances. Consumers draw inference from certifications that a professional has met a specific standard of competency and/or carries a particular body or depth of pertinent knowledge. Along with a number of other industries, however, including the pet industry, there is currently no legal requirement to be certified and no legal mechanism in place to protect the consumer from negative or injurious consequence that transpires as the result of an individual’s lack of certification. Cited from  Pet Training and Behavior Consulting: A Model for Raising the Bar to Protect Professionals, Pets and Their People (2019)

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